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Xendit provides everything you need to create an effective eCommerce checkout experience. We provide the most common methods of payments and a variety of integrations right out of the box for free. Finally, we add the same world class fraud detection that Visa/Mastercard use to keep you safe.


Travelio provides some of the most fun holidays we’ve seen.

Craft beautiful payment flows for web or mobile with our APIs. For the non tech folk, use our checkout user interface in your website/mobile or for solopreneurs/instagram shops, serve your customers a link to get paid.

Securely store payment information for registered users for faster checkout, get real time data access, be protected by the same fraud prevention Visa uses and finally all our payments come with 24/7 support.

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Xendit provides everything you need to build a fintech (especially P2P lending) business. You can disburse funds to borrowers across all the banks and then instantly detect repayments via virtual accounts. We work with many banks to build payments that work.


Xendit has the perfect toolkit for a P2P Lender. Most ask us not to share their names but we serve some of the fastest growing lenders.

Xendit started out by building disbursements for P2P lenders. You can build fully automated disbursements based on your credit risk model. This requires no humans, no tokens and therefore, no human errors. We disburse 7 days a week and where time is money, can get payments to the destination instantly.

Build fast, intuitive repayment methods using virtual accounts. This will establish a name, e.g. YourCompany - John that your borrower will always pay into. You will then receive notification everytime John’s account is paid. This makes the repayment UX and accounting much smoother.

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Xendit allows you to manage your user experience end to end. Unlike other payment gateways, when we promise you full control we mean it. Checkout is woven into your UI and merchant payouts can occur seamlessly via API.


Xendit has the perfect toolkit for platforms to accept payments and distribute funds to end users or merchants.

Xendit provides a simple API that allows you to accept the most common methods of payments. We can allow you to build payments within your platform with your own look and feel. This means you can own more of the business value without managing the complexity of payments.

With Xendit, you can also ensure your merchants and end user receive their payouts automatically. VIP Diskon uses Xendit to ensure that it’s end users are paid their rewards for shopping on VIP diskon. Your business too can remove the hassle of tokens and human errors by automating payments with Xendit.

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Every business needs to innovate, and as the profile of startups grows, Xendit provides a way for traditional business to modernize invoicing and payments so they can lower costs, improve their customer experience, and thrive in a fast changing world.

Xendit provides a simple invoicing system that allows you to detect payments on invoices you create. SJS uses this web portal to create and detect when their cliens have paid. This makes it easier for them to manage their revenues and chase overdue invoices. It also helps them manage edge cases when people pay incorrectly.

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SJS needs a simple, payroll feature to pay their workforce across the archipelago. It’s hard for them to force everyone into the same bank account, so they use Xendit to seamless execute payroll every month (we’re also cheaper). SJS just have to upload 1 CSV/Excel file to Xendit, and all is done!

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Seamless Awards 2017

Seamless Awards 2017: Best Asian B2B Payment Initiative

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018: The Best Payments Initiative, Application or Programme (Fintech)

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